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Add:517-2-3 Building,Bai Miao Road,Duo Dao District,Jingmen City,Hubei Province,China

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  Hubei Myers Petrochemical Co.,Ltd is a leading  trading company located in Jingmen,Hubei province, which  specialize in providing paraffin wax in the brand of  kunlun,Nanhai and Guta.It's  produced by Petrochina and Sinopec  affiliated refineries all over China. At the early stages, we  mainly supply paraffin wax for domestic market, then expand our  market to the globe in 2014. Through years of development, we  are very honored to serve in USA, Mexico, Colombia,South Africa, India...
      With small and medium size company focused, we believe  excellent services and good quality products are deeply  related and strive to provide customers premium service and  product with moderate price.
      Please take a minute to visit our website and you will find  that Hubei Myers Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.offers the  products and services you need to strengthen the success of  your business.